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Sheet and tube Metal Laser Cutting Machine

sheet and tube laser cutting machine

2-in-1 multi-purpose

  • Cutting area: 3000*1500mm
  • Tube Cutting range: Φ15-219 mm ▢20*20-150*150mm
  • Professional in sheet cutting and efficient in tubes cutting.
  • Stress-relieved frame treated at 600°C + heavy-duty structure.

High rigidity and stability bed

  • The frame structure welded by high-quality steel plates, after professional large-scale welding, 24-hour thermal aging treatment, and precision machining of large-scale gantry milling machines.
  • These designs And processing means to ensure that the machine tool has excellent shock resistance, high rigidity and stability.

Integrated steel film cast aluminum beam

  • Heavy-duty steel mold die-casting: high mold cost, long life, good fluidity of aluminum water, uniform density,
  • Integrated steel film cast aluminum beams, precision machined, anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, good toughness and ductility
  • It is light in weight and can ensure high-speed movement during cutting, which can greatly increase the processing speed while meeting the processing accuracy.

High-end CNC system

  • Adopting the most advanced Shanghai Fascut high-performance open-loop laser control system
  • It has the characteristics of stability, reliability, convenient debugging, and production safety.
  • With rich functions and excellent performance, it is one of the systems with the highest market share and is widely welcomed by users.

Partitioned dust extraction

  • Patented design, time-sharing, divisional, segmental dust extraction structure.
  • The air volume of the pipeline is specially designed and tested by professional wind speed instruments
  • It can achieve truly smoke-free and dust-free cutting in the cutting area.

Technical Parameter

Model LX-3015XE
Power 3000W
Working sheet 1500mm * 3000mm
Repeat Position Angle 土0.05mm
Apparent size 8725*2240mm

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