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Auto Parts


In the auto parts industry, laser pipe cutting machines also have a wide range of application requirements.
The laser pipe cutting machine can cut, bend, and weld metal pipes according to design requirements to produce pipe fittings of various shapes. Compared with traditional processing methods, laser pipe cutting machines have the advantages of simple processes, high processing precision, high processing efficiency, and wide application range.

And for auto parts manufacturers, the processing technology determines the quality of auto parts, and the quality determines the price and profit of auto parts. Therefore, if manufacturers want to increase profits and enhance the company’s competitiveness, improving processing technology is the only way to go. As an intelligent device with high “precision” processing efficiency, the laser pipe cutting machine is more suitable for the auto parts processing industry. Using non-contact processing and a small thermal effect area, the surface of the pipe will not be affected in any way during processing.

In the production of auto parts, the application of sheet metal processing, laser cutting and tube cutting technology can not only improve production efficiency, but also ensure product quality.

tube laser cutting

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