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Teknologi Laser Mutakhir Longxin Mencuri Sorotan di Pameran BUMATECH di Bursa, Turki


As leader in laser cutting machine manufacturing, Longxin, showcased our cutting-edge technology at the BUMATECH exhibition held in Bursa, Turkey, from November 29th to December 1st. The exhibition, focused on metal processing technology, sheet metal processing, and automation, provided the perfect platform for Longxin to introduce their advanced laser cutting machines to the Turkish market.

The star attractions of the exhibition were Longxin’s state-of-the-art laser sheet cutting machine, laser tube cutting machine, and laser welding machine. These machines represent the pinnacle of laser metal processing technology, bringing the latest and most efficient solutions to customers in Turkey.

With over 200 clients in attendance, Longxin Laser seized the opportunity to demonstrate the cutting-edge capabilities of their laser cutting technology. The reception was overwhelmingly positive, as clients witnessed firsthand the precision, speed, and quality of Longxin’s products.

“We are thrilled by the enthusiastic response from our Turkish counterparts,” said Eric, manager of Longxin Laser. “Our goal is to not just meet but exceed the expectations of our clients, and the BUMATECH exhibition allowed us to showcase the power and innovation behind our laser cutting machines.”

In addition to unveiling our top-tier products, Longxin engaged in meaningful discussions with clients, gaining insights into the evolving market dynamics and understanding the specific needs and demands of the Turkish industry. This invaluable feedback will play a pivotal role in shaping Longxin’s future market strategies and product development initiatives.

Longxin laser remains committed to delivering high-quality products and services, and the positive reception at BUMATECH further solidifies their position as a global leader in laser cutting technology.

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