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Why Choosing Longxin Laser?

Longxin Laser is China’s leading laser pipe cutting machine manufacturer, ranking first in sales in the Chinese laser pipe cutting machine market. Our pipe laser cutting solutions are unique and have been tested in the market for more than 15 years, providing the widest selection of solutions on the market. We are always committed to the investment, development and production of advanced laser pipe cutting technology. Currently, we have become a pioneer in the fields of small pipe cutting, high-speed cutting and residue removal, and are at the forefront of the global industry.

Supporting Policy

All LX Laser dealer policies are based on growth and success with our dealers.


· For all of the distributors from overseas, LX Laser provide machines with competitive price and extrodinary quality.
· LX Laser provide up to 20% discount on demo machine for demonstration purpose.


· LX Laser provide financial support for distributor for attending trade show in local market.
· LX Laser share all publicity materials, professional graphic designer provide ideas and design service with free charge.
· Local showroom or joint venture company in local market is possible.


· LX laser send sales engineer to assist on customer follow-up and order finalization locally.
· Technical engineer from LX Laser will complete machine set up and service locally.
· Sales and technical training are provided to distributor for free.
· Local spare part warehouse for fast delivery to the need of local maintainance.

Innovative Technology On Product

LX Laser’s laser pipe cutting machines deliver exceptional performance, achieving precise and smooth cuts with high speed and accuracy. By investing heavily in research and development,LX Laser consistently introduce cutting-edge features and enhancements to optimize performance, efficiency and reliability. Unique technical advantages achievements are as below:

Ultra high speed cutting

On LX straight cutting machines: 3 times higher than saw blade cutting machine and 1.5 times higher than standard tube laser cutting machine.

Seamless automation

LX Laser is expert on automatic solution, on laser tube cutting machine, fully automatic loading, feedning,cutting and unloading process is realized, and we are capable in providing automatic solution for different process in tube industry, such as laser cutting, welding, tube bending, chamfering.

Easy operation

Friendly user interface is designed for all the machines, with cutting parameter library, operator would need less adjustment to complete perfect cutting.

Shorter tailing

Movable front chuck on LX Laser tube cutting machine makes remnant of tube short as 40mm, only 1/5 short as regular machines in the market. Customer can make more parts from one tube.


LX Laser’s world-leading ant-spatter function on machines allow the them to make the parts cut by laser clean and of higher precision.

Stronger machine frame

LX’s machine frame are with stress annealing and natural aging process, keeps machine still even during high-speed cutting. Make sure the machine is able to work 24*7 with stable performance and non-stop.

Partitioned Dust Extraction

· Patented design, time-sharing, divisional, segmental dust extraction structure.
· The air volume of the pipeline is specially designed and tested by professional wind speed instruments
· It can achieve truly smoke-free and dust-free cutting in the cutting area.

Cutting Effect

LX Laser's Advantages

Unparalleled Expertise: With 20 years of experience and a singular focus on laser pipe cutting technology, LX Laser possess unmatched expertise in the field.LX Laser’s dedicated team of professionals continuously works to enhance our products, ensuring you benefit from the latest advancements and innovations.

Global Network

Longxin laser is gradually establishing service centers around the world. Currently, we have subsidiaries, equipment showrooms, and spare parts warehouses in Vietnam, Brazil, Turkey, Russia, South Korea and other places. There are professional sales teams stationed in each region. Distributors are welcome to come to discuss cooperation with us.


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Customer-Centric Approach

LX Laser prioritize customers and aim to build long-lasting partnerships. Our customer-centric approach means that LX Laser not only provide exceptional products, but also offer comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales support. LX Laser’s dedicated team is always ready to assist customers and distributors. ensuring a seamless experience from initial inquiry to installation and beyond.


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