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Laser tube cutting machine for furniture manufacturing


Longxin Laser has helped a Vietnamese client enhance their production capacity for furniture tube processing using the LX-K6S Economical CNC Laser Tube Cutter. This case highlights the significant improvements in efficiency and output achieved by the client.

Client Application


The Vietnamese client uses the LX-K6S to cut small metal tubes with a diameter of 12.7mm, optimizing their furniture manufacturing process. The client purchased four units of the LX-K6S, which operate around the clock to meet high production demands.

Machine Details

The LX-K6S is designed for high-speed, precise cutting of various tube types, including round, square, and rectangular pipes. It features a 1.5G acceleration and supports cutting diameters of up to 85mm for round tubes and 60x60mm for square tubes. The machine is noted for its cost-effectiveness, ease of use, and minimal training requirements.

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