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Elevate Efficiency, Minimize Waste, Experience Longxin Laser’s LX-K12S


Are you still trapped in the trouble of high labor cost and waste of material during tube processing work? Are you in search of a cutting-edge solution to revolutionize your manufacturing process? Now LX-K12S will help you to settle them all. Let’s delve into the remarkable advantages that make the LX-K12S stand out in the market.

1. Unmatched Speed and Efficiency:

With an extraordinary acceleration of 1.2G, the LX-K12S boasts a cutting-edge performance that outpaces conventional laser tube cutting machines by a staggering 20%. This translates to a remarkable 20% increase in production efficiency for processing businesses. Say goodbye to time-consuming operations and embrace a new era of swift, precise cutting.

2. Minimized Waste, Maximized Savings:

Experience a paradigm shift in material utilization with the LX-K12S’s innovative design featuring a movable front chuck. This ingenious feature enables the cutting head to maneuver between two chucks, resulting in tail ends as short as 40mm. Compared to the industry-standard 200mm waste, the LX-K12S has the potential to save several tons of raw material costs annually. Your sustainability efforts will shine as you significantly reduce waste.

3. Unrivaled Automation:

Step into the future of manufacturing with the LX-K12S’s state-of-the-art bed design and side-mounted chuck. Enjoy enhanced operational stability and effortless material loading with the machine’s standard-issue automated loading system. From material feeding to cutting completion, every step is fully automated, eliminating the need for manual intervention. This not only guarantees precision but also slashes labor costs associated with material processing.

4. Versatile Pneumatic Chuck for All Needs:

Embrace flexibility and versatility with the LX-K12S’s full-range pneumatic chuck. Its simple operation ensures secure clamping and unwavering stability, accommodating a diverse range of materials, including pipes, H-beams, and angle irons. Switching between materials is a breeze, for sizes below 120mm, without the hassle of changing fixtures and clamps. Seamlessly transition between various material cutting requirements without interruption.

Industries Transformed:

The LX-K12S is a game-changer for furniture manufacturing, lighting fixtures, doors and windows production, shelving fabrication, and more. By significantly cutting down on material costs and labor expenses, this machine triumphs over its counterparts in the market.

Don’t miss your chance to reshape your manufacturing landscape. Join the ranks of innovators who are streamlining their operations, saving resources, and boosting productivity with LX-K12S. Contact us today to explore how this cutting-edge solution can take your business to unparalleled heights.


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