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Exhibition TuboTech Brazil


2023.10.3-10.5, we participated in the Sao Paulo Pipe Exhibition in Brazil. At this exhibition, we displayed the LX-K9 laser pipe cutting machine, which attracted many customers to visit. The LX-K9 is a ultra-high speed laser cutting machine for small pipe with 8-90mm. This device is one of longxin’s best-selling models. Suitable for cutting of round tubes, square tubes, oval tubes and other special tubes and profiles. With 1.5G acceleration, cutting efficiency of it is 50% higher than average machines can be found in the market. At the exhibition site, many customers expressed interest in our laser pipe cutting machine and raised some questions. Our professional engineers and service staff patiently answered them. Some customers have received our product brochures and related information and expressed their desire to come to our factory in China to see the machine manufacturing. Longxin welcomes all customers with purchase intention to visit our factory. We will do our best to meet your pipe cutting needs.

Exhibition TuboTech Brazil

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