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High performance cnc tube laser cutter


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Product feature



    Versatile Pneumatic Chuck

    Seamlessly transition between cutting requirements of various material and shapes without interruption.

    Versatile Pneumatic Chuck

    Minimized Waste, Maximized Savings

    The unique mobile front chuck design allow the laser head to cut between the two chucks, reaching minimum tailing of 50 mm.

    Minimized Waste, Maximized Savings

    Wide range of application

    It is able to cut round pipes, square pipes, channel steel, angle steel, H-beams, and other commonly used pipes and profiles on the market.

    Wide Range Of Application

    Unrivaled Automation

    Fully automatic without manual intervention from material feeding to cutting completion.

    Unrivaled Automation
  • Model:LX-K22S
  • Laser power:1500W-6000W
  • Cutting Diameter Of Round Tube:Φ20-219mm
  • Cutting Diameter Of Square Tube:▢20×20-200x200mm
  • Cutting Tube length:≤6500mm
  • Accuracy Of Processing:±0.1mm
  • Dimensions:9500x3290x2500mm
  • Weight:6.9 tons
  • Cutting Tube Type:Round Tube / Square Tube
  • Cutting Material:stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum,copper,iron

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