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The advantages of high-speed compact pipe laser cutting machine in metal furniture manufacturing industry

Longxin Laser (LX Laser) high speed compact pipe laser cutting machine LX-K6 is designed for furniture making industry, focusing on medium and small pipe cutting. 

It is with high cost efficiency, capable of cutting round tube, square tube, capsule tubes and special profiles.

It can also equipped with automatic loading and feeding system. 

This machine is able to make holes, angle and curves on the pipe with extreme high speed. 

Originally there are over 10 steps in the pipe processing part in the furniture making industry.

Now with LX-K6, they can all be completed perfectly within a minute. 

Comparing with traditional way of pipe processing, laser cutting with LX-K6 is with higher accuracy and cleaner cutting section.

As a professional pipe laser cutting machine, LX-K6 is designed for cutting standard pipes(round pipe, rectangular pipes, capsule pipes, etc.), profiles(I beam, channel steel, angle iron, etc.) and most of other special pipes and profiles can be found in the market. 


Comparing to traditional way of cutting, laser cutting by LX-K6 machine has advantages listed on below:

(1) Higher cutting accuracy and precision, higher cutting speed, contour accuracy is ±0.1mm

(2) The incision is smooth and free of burrs, and the the slit is very thin, which bring the loss of material to the lowest level.

(3) Laser cutting belongs to non-direct-touch processing, 

    the heated area on the material is very slim and not likely to cause any deformation on the pipe being cut. 

(4) LX-K6 is of high cutting efficiency, and it is perfectly suitable for cutting pipes in big batches.

(5) Laser cutting with LX-K6 is a solution with good flexibility. 

    It adopts professional numerical controller and nesting software, 

    which make it easy to change a new project and cut completely different product. 

Based on these, professional pipe laser cutting machine is a better tool to complete the traditional process done by drilling machines, milling machines, sawing machines, punching machines and deburring machines.

And it realize the cutting and unloading of complex-structure pipe, make it easy to cut and mark angle, channel, holes, curves and any other possible shapes in different size in pipes. 

All these make it widely used in the furniture making industry.

In the furniture making industry, normally the pipe being processed is not large in diameter nor thick in wall, but the quantity is big and the machining process is complicated. 

Traditionally, most of the pipes need to go through process such as cutting, punching, chamfering and deburring.

And this would increase the production cost greatly and make it hard to realize batch production.

LX-K6 machine is popular and welcomed by the producers in furniture making industry, and gain praises all the way from customers with it’s extremely high cost efficiency. 

It not only improve the working efficiency and save production cost greatly, but also improve the cutting quality. 

Free the producers from big labour cost, complicated working process and concern on quality.

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