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Antifreezing guide for laser tube cutting machine

As the temperature drops in winter, laser cutting equipment also needs to be kept warm in time and antifreeze added to prevent freezing to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

1.Do not turn off the chiller

After the laser cutting machine is not working, do not turn off the water cooler when ensuring that the power supply will not be cut off (except for power outages or power failures) to keep the refrigerant circulating. At the same time, the conventional temperature can be adjusted to about 10°C. In this way, the coolant temperature will not reach the freezing point (freezing point), so the laser cutting machine will not be damaged.

2.Drain coolant during prolonged shutdown

If the machine is not started for a long time, the coolant in each part of the equipment can be discharged through the water outlet of the laser cutting machine, and pure gas can be injected to ensure that there is no coolant in the entire circulating water cooling system. This way the machine will not damage the laser cutting due to low temperatures.

3.Add antifreeze

In cold areas where indoor freezing occurs, antifreeze needs to be added to the laser pipe cutting machine.

Adding antifreeze should pay attention to these point:

(1) When adding antifreeze to the equipment, you should choose a reputable brand of antifreeze. This is to prevent impurities in counterfeit antifreeze from sticking to the laser tube and other components and damaging the equipment.

(2) When adding antifreeze, the ratio needs to be paid attention to. The addition ratio is 3:7 (3 is antifreeze, 7 is water), after adding antifreeze, it can resist -20 without freezing.

(3) After adding antifreeze, it can only ensure that the water will not freeze at -20C, but it cannot be said that the water cooler can work normally at very cold temperatures. The normal operating temperature of our water cooler should be higher than 5℃, and the cold start temperature must be higher than 10℃.

(4) Antifreeze cannot replace pure water and activated ionized water for year-round use. It must be replaced in time after winter.

4.How to add antifreeze to laser pipe cutting machine?

(1) Confirm the model and coolant parameters of the laser cutting machine

Before adding coolant, you need to know the model of the laser cutting machine and the coolant parameters. If you are unsure about this information, check the laser cutting machine’s manual or ask the seller.

(2) Choose the right coolant

When adding cooling points, a specialized coolant is required. Usually, the laser cutting machine manufacturer will recommend the coolant suitable for the machine, and you can purchase the corresponding brand of coolant.

(3) Get your tools ready

Adding coolant requires the use of some tools, such as screwdrivers, wrenches, etc. You need to prepare these tools in advance for easy operation.

(4) Drain the coolant

Turn off the water cooler and laser power, unplug the corresponding power plug or disconnect the switch, disconnect the water pipe of the laser, and drain the cooling water

(5) Mix antifreeze

Mix antifreeze according to the reference proportion and stir thoroughly. Be careful not to add antifreeze directly to the refrigerator.

(6) Add antifreeze

Fill the stirred antifreeze liquid into the refrigerator water tank, turn on the power and let the water circulate until the liquid level reaches the required level.

(7) Machine running test

Turn on the power switch of the chiller and observe whether there is any abnormal alarm. If there is no alarm, you can test the machine operation.

Frequently Asked Questions and Solutions

1.What should I do if I add too much cooling water?

If you add too much cooling water, use absorbent paper or balls to absorb the excess water. If it’s still too much, you can disassemble the outlet of the cooling point and let the excess water drain out.

2.What should I do if the cooling effect is not good?

If your cooling effect is not good, you can check whether the flow and temperature of the cooling water are normal, and you can also re-clean the inside of the cooling pipe.

3.What should I do if the cooling pipe is aging?

If your cooling pipe has aged and needs to be replaced, you can go to the machine manufacturer or maintenance center to purchase the corresponding cooling pipe for replacement.

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