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3-chucks Heavy-duty Laser Pipe Cutting Machine

LX-K36 Heavy-duty Laser Pipe Cutting Machine is a laser equipment independently developed, designed and produced by Longxin laser, specially designed for cutting large pipes, heavy pipes, long pipes and other multi-sized pipes. It provides an excellent alternative to traditional plasma and flame cutting methods, improving accuracy and cutting efficiency. LX-K36 can cut stainless steel, carbon steel and other metals. Such as round tubes, square tubes, rectangular tubes, channel steel, I-beam, angle iron and special-shaped tubes, etc. This equipment is widely used in heavy industry machinery, engineering machinery, steel structures, hoisting machinery, bridge engineering, elevators and other industries.

Wide Range Of Application

It is able to cut round pipes, square pipes, channel steel, angle steel, H-beams, and other commonly used pipes and profiles on the market,

Meet large pipe cutting needs

Maximum cutting size 360mm and profiles 360*360mm

3-Chuck Design

Unique 3-chuck design enables it to achieve minimal material waste, thus maximizing material efficiency.

Customized Loading & Unloading Length

Standard 9-meter and 12-meter versions optional, and longer frame lengths can be customized to suit the specific cutting needs of customers.

Substantial load-bearing

Maximum load up to 1000KG for one tube.

Functional Extension

High-power resoator up to 12KW and bevel cutting is optional.

Technical Parameter

Laser Power
Cutting Diameter Of Round Tube
Cutting Diameter Of Square Tube
Cutting Tube length
Accuracy Of Processing
Dimensions (L*W*H)
≈21 tons
Cutting Tube Type
Round Tube / Square Tube
Cutting Material
stainless steel,
carbon steel, aluminum,copper,iron

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