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Frequently asked questions

  • How to buy a laser cutting machine?

    If you are looking to purchase a laser cutting machine, here are the simple steps of the process we have for you.

    Step 1. Enquiry: You can tell us your requirements by filling in the form or contact us by email and phone. Our professional service staff will get in touch with you within 24 hours and help you select the right machine model.

    Step 2. Quotation: We will recommend the right machine model according to your needs and provide you with a detailed quotation with the best quality and price.

    Step 3.Process Evaluation: Both buyer and seller carefully evaluate and discuss all the details of the order and determine the programme to eliminate any misunderstanding.

    Step 4. Placement of order: If you have no doubts, we will send you a PI (pro forma invoice) and sign a sales contract with you.

    Step 5. Production: The machine will be scheduled for production as soon as the sales contract is signed and validated and we have received your deposit. The latest news about the production will be updated and communicated to the buyer during the production process.

    Step 6. Inspection: The entire machine production process will be subject to regular inspections and strict quality control. The whole machine will be tested before delivery to ensure it can work properly.

    Step 7. Shipment: After confirmation from the buyer, we will arrange the crating and shipment according to the terms of the contract.

    Step 8.Customs clearance: We will provide and deliver all necessary shipping documents to the buyer and ensure smooth customs clearance.

    Step 9.Support and Service: We will provide professional technical support and service 24/7 by phone, email, Skype, WhatsApp. If necessary, you can also assign our professional staff to come to your home for installation and maintenance.

  • How to choose tube laser cutting machine?

    When choosing a laser tube cutting machine, generally choose from the following dimensions:

    1. Selected according to process requirements:
    Laser tube cutting machine can be divided into two kinds according to the processing requirements: one is able to cut the tube of different shapes of tubes, and can meet the needs of cutting, punching, groove cutting three-dimensional laser tube cutting machine; the other is only used to cut off the round tube of the laser tube cutting machine.

    2. According to the size of the pipe diameter selection:
    Laser tube cutting machine can cut the tube diameter size is determined by the chuck, so different sizes of the chuck has different pipe cutting range. According to Longxin laser’s product classification, it can be divided into heavy-duty laser tube cutter with chuck size above 220mm, medium-sized laser tube cutter with chuck size 120-220mm, and small-sized laser tube cutter with chuck size below 60mm.

    3. Choose according to the degree of automation:
    The degree of automation of laser tube cutting machine is usually reflected in the loading and feeding device, so it can be divided into fully automatic feeding laser tube cutting machine, semi-automatic feeding laser tube cutting machine and manual feeding laser tube cutting machine.

    In addition, factors such as tube thickness, length, material, kerf shape, speed requirements, etc. will also affect the choice of laser tube cutter model. You can ask us for professional advice!

  • Do you support sample testing?

    We always welcome customer send us their pipe for testing. Kindly send us pipe length ≥600mm, qty ≥ 3pcs for each size. The longer size and the more quantity the better.

  • How to install and run the machine?

    Our technician have installed the machine before shipping. For some small parts installation, we will send detail training video, user’s manual along with the machine. 95% customers can learn by themselves.

  • How can I do if the machine goes wrong?

    If confronted with such problems, please contact us asap and do not try fix the machine by yourself or someone else. We will response within 24 hours as quick as we can to solve it for you.

  • Do you accept OEM customization?

    Longxin Laser is the true manufacturer, we have own factory, therefore we could supply full OEM and ODM service.

  • Can the laser cutting machine work for a long time?

    Our laser tube cutting machines can work non-stop all the day. The service life of the consumables that need to be replaced for the pipe laser cutting machine is measured in months, unlike some other equipment that must replace consumables within a certain period of time. Most of our customers have successfully made the machine work continuously after purchasing the equipment. Of course, cooling and protection of the pipe laser cutting machine must be done during the operation of the equipment.

  • Is the laser tube cutting machine easy to use?

    Compared with the traditional model, the laser pipe cutting machine is faster, less labour-intensive and more accurate than the traditional model, no matter the operation or the cutting method.
    Longxin’s laser pipe cutting machine cutting system automatic continuous loading, automatic fixed-length feeding, two raw materials between the automatic identification of the head and excision, tail material cutting blind spot is small. When cutting, the system automatically and continuously feeds the material, automatically feeds the material at a fixed length, automatically identifies the material head between two raw materials and removes it, has a small blind spot for tail material cutting and has the function of automatically removing the internal slag, so the laser tube cutting machine is very easy to run.

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