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Why is the laser tube cutting machine unable to cut through?

During the use of the laserowa maszyna do cięcia rur, there may be situations where the metal laser cutting machine cannot cut through the material, which affects our processing quality and wastes material. This article analyzes common reasons and solutions for you.

1.The cutting speed is too fast

Operating the laser pipe cutting machine too fast may result in no time for heat conduction on the surface of the pipe, making the cutting depth too shallow or completely impossible to cut through. Especially when cutting special pipes or high-thickness pipes, such as profiles, special-shaped pipes, etc., when the cutting head cuts to the corner, because the thickness of the corner becomes larger and the cutting speed is too fast, it is easy to fail to cut through or the cut is not smooth. .Solution:Reduce the cutting speed, or increase the power to increase the depth of the cut. Reduce the cutting speed and increase the pressure of the auxiliary gas at the corners of the pipe cutting.

2.The thickness of the processed pipe exceeds the cutting thickness of the equipment limit

Laser pipe cutting machines with different powers will have a limit cutting thickness. If the limit thickness is exceeded, the cutting effect of the equipment will be unsatisfactory, including incomplete cutting.Solution: Increase the laser power, or choose a model more suitable for material thickness to handle higher thickness materials.

3.Poor spot quality

The spot quality of the laser pipe cutting machine directly affects the cutting effect. If the spot quality is poor, the cutting depth is not enough, and even the cut cannot be penetrated.Solution: Adjust the spot quality of the laser, or replace the high-quality optical fiber.

4.Insufficient gas pressure

During the operation of the laser pipe cutting machine, the role of the gas is to cool the blade and the cutting material, and enhance the reaction between the beam and the material. If the gas pressure is insufficient, it may also lead to poor cutting results.Solution: Check the gas pressure, increase the auxiliary gas pressure, or directly replace it with a better quality gas. Regularly clean foreign matter in the nozzle and replace the distilled water in the cooling system promptly.

5.Improper adjustment of the cutting head focal length

The focal length of the cutting head in the optical system also affects the cutting quality of the pipe. Normal cutting head focus has three states: negative focus, zero focus, and positive focus. Among them, positive focus cutting is suitable for oxygen cutting of carbon steel materials, zero focus is suitable for cutting thin plates, and negative focus is suitable for nitrogen/air cutting of stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, copper and other materials. This requires us to Choose the correct focus position of the cutting head when cutting different pipe materials. If the optical path system is loose or deformed, it will affect the focus of the beam and thus affect the cutting effect.Solution: It is necessary to regularly check the optical system and adjust the focus of the laser tube cutting head. Adjust the focus until the laser creates a very round spot on the paper.

6.Laser power decreases

After the laser of the fiber laser cutting machine is used for a long time, the power will gradually decrease with the use time, which will eventually lead to a decrease in cutting ability and the inability to cut through.Solution: Contact the accessories supplier to replace the laser with a new one.

7.Optical component pollution and cooling water pollution

Optical components include focusing mirrors, reflectors, etc., because they are exposed to poor working conditions for a long time, it is easy to leave residue on the surface of such lenses, which reduces the laser power of the equipment and leads to inability to cut through.If the water source of the cooling system is not clean, it will affect the cooling effect of the entire cutting system, block the water channels of the cutting head and generator, affect the quality of pipe cutting, or cause damage to the generator and cutting head, leading to greater economic losses. Therefore, the laser cutting system must use pure water, preferably distilled water, to avoid clogging of the water channels in the cutting head and generator, which will affect the cooling effect.Solution: Regularly check the cleanliness of the optical components, clean the foreign matter in the nozzle promptly, and replace the distilled water in the cooling systemTo sum up, the reasons why the laser pipe cutting machine cannot cut through may be various, but as long as the cause of the fault is eliminated and targeted adjustments are made, the laser pipe cutting machine can resume normal operation and improve work efficiency and quality.If you still don’t find the problem after troubleshooting the above common causes, you can contact us. Longxin is a professional laser tube cutting machine manufacturer that will offer you the best support.

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