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Exchange-table Sheet Metal Cutting Machine

Efficient cutting choice

  • Cutting area: 3000*1500mm
  • Dual platform high speed sheet fiber laser cutting machine.
  • Adopt dual-Drive Exchange Worktable, Higher processing efficiency
  • Zoned Ventilation System, Reduce dust pollution
  • Fully enclosed laser protective cover

Ragid and stable machine bed

  • Stress-relieved frame treated at 600°C, ensuring stability and preventing deformation, allowing it to operate reliably for 20 years.
  • Heavy-duty machine bed with thicker materials, guaranteeing stability and vibration reduction during high-speed cutting operations.

Cast Aluminum Beam

  • The machine utilizes a cast aluminum beam known for its excellent rigidity, high strength, and lightweight properties.
  • Weighing only half as much as traditional cast iron beams, it enables fast and efficient operations.

Zoned Ventilation System

  • Patented design, time-sharing, zoning, segmented dust extraction structure.
  • Pipeline air volume through special design, professional wind speed instrument detection.
  • For truly smoke-free cutting in the cutting area.

Fully Enclosed Protective Cover

  • Equipped with a fully enclosed protective cover, ensuring safety and reliability.
  • Prevent cutting smoke from polluting the factory environment and complies with CE workplace safety standards.

Low Overseas Transportation Costs

Excellent compact design, requiring only standard containers for overseas transportation, greatly reducing the transportation costs and pressure on customers.

Dual-Drive Exchange Worktable

Equipped with a dual-drive exchange worktable, enabling seamless transition and quick exchange between two different sheets. This feature maximizes efficiency and productivity.

Technical Parameter

Working Sheet1500 * 3000mm
Repeat Position Angle土0.05mm
Working speedl00m/min
Power demand28KW
Machine weight5500kg
Apparent size8800*2600*2150mm

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