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Tube laser cutting machine VS tube and plate laser cutting machine. Which one is suitable for tube cutting?


With the development of laser cutting technology, laser cutting has now played an irreplaceable role in the field of metal manufacturing. Laser cutting has gradually transformed from flat-panel cutting to three-dimensional pipe cutting. Currently, there are two types of laser equipment for cutting metal pipes: tube laser cutting machines and tube and plate laser cutting machines. So, which one is the best for tube laser cutting?

About tube and plate laser cutting machine:

tube and plate laser cutting machine:

Advantages of plate and tube laser cutter:

1. One machine can be used for two purposes, saving space

The tube and plate laser cutting machine is equipped with dual worktables, which realizes the dual cutting function of plate and tube by integrating two basic processes into one unit. It reduces floor space and eliminates the need for separate equipment, thereby freeing up valuable floor space in the factory. This is especially beneficial for small workshops or factories where space is limited.

2. Save investment costs

Investing in two separate pipe bending and plate cutting machines can be costly, not only in terms of the initial purchase price, but also in maintenance and operating costs. All-in-one PCs reduce these expenses, making them a cost-effective solution in the long run.

3. Improve efficiency

Efficiency is critical to manufacturing and manufacturing. The all-in-one tube and plate machine provides a seamless workflow as operators can switch between tube bending and plate cutting functions without having to make complex setup changes or move material between machines. This reduces downtime and increases overall productivity.

Disdvantages of plate and tube laser cutter:

1. Low cutting accuracy

Due to the structural design, the main function of this machine is still plates/sheet cutting. Since it lacks a laser beam specially designed for pipe cutting, the focusing may be difficult. There is also a lack of professional pipe nesting systems. Therefore, it will cause low cutting accuracy of tube cutting.

2. Cannot cutting plates and tubes at the same time

If you always have tube cutting tasks, then the tube and plate laser cutting machine cannot help you cut pipes and plates at the same time. The two tasks cannot be performed at the same time, you still need two machines. Moreover, if the precision adjustment is not good, it will easily cause material waste when switching.

3.There are restrictions on tube length

Plate and tube laser cutting machine uses an integrated design, the original intention is to save space. It doesn’t have long tube cutting design and long material rack.

4.No saving on pipe tailings

The plate and tube laser cutting machine is not specifically designed to save the waste of tailing materials during the cutting process. There is also a lack of professional pipe nesting system to achieve reasonable material arrangement.

About tube laser cutting machine:

Tube laser cutting machine, as the name suggests, is specially used for tubes/pipes cutting. It is the perfect choice for tube cutting on a large scale. All of its components are designed for stable and efficient tube cutting

tube laser cutting machine

Advantages of tube laser cutting machine:

1.Can cut tubes of various shapes

Common 3D laser tube cutting machine can be used to cut round pipe, square pipe, Angle channel steel, U-shaped pipe, shaped pipe and other pipes. According to the pipes of different diameters, thicknesses and materials, the design can be customized, and the appropriate material rack, chuck, laser head, nesting system, etc. can be selected.

2.Can meet a variety of tube processing needs

Not just cutting. The laser tube cutting machine can also perform perforation, bevel cutting, combined cutting, hollow punching, arc cutting, pipe engraving, etc.

3.Higher processing accuracy

Generally speaking, the positioning accuracy of the most advanced laser cutting machines can reach ±0.05mm, and the repeated positioning accuracy can reach ±0.03mm. Therefore, for some industries that require high tube cutting accuracy, such as aerospace, automobiles, medical equipment, and construction, specially customized high-precision laser tube cutting machines are necessary.

4.Automatic loading and unloading of materials

The laser pipe cutting machine has automatic loading and unloading devices. As the main equipment of the laser pipe cutting machine, the automatic feeding machine has functions such as automatic clamping, automatic knife feeding, automatic feeding, automatic length setting, automatic fixed number stop, and dynamometer, realizing fully automatic feeding of pipes.

Especially for the loading and unloading of heavy and large metal pipes, the cost will be very high if we rely on labor. The main circuit of the laser pipe cutting machine uses a PLC programmable controller to work. After setting the program, people’s hands can be freed and labor costs can be reduced.

5.Save materials

The waste of tailings in pipe cutting is a pain point. The dedicated laser pipe cutting machine has many ways to solve this problem.

For example, use excellent pipe nesting software to realize automatic nesting, giving priority to saving materials for nesting, thereby reducing waste of tailings. Or use a movable front chuck (Longxin laser’s unique technology) on the hardware to allow the laser head to cut between the two chucks and shorten the tail material of each tube to a minimum of 40mm, helping customers save 3 materials per year. -5 tons.

Disadvantages of tube laser cutting machine:

1.Can only cut tubes

If you have both plate cutting and pipe cutting needs, and the plate cutting needs are much more. You shouldn’t choose tube laser cutting machine.

2.The price is relatively more expensive

On the one hand, the production technology of laser pipe cutting machines is more difficult than that of plate cutting machines. Laser pipe cutting machines require a higher technical level and more complex equipment to cut pipes and ensure the accuracy of the cutting results. The cost of these technologies and equipment will result in a higher price for the laser pipe cutting machine.

On the other hand, as the pipe cutting market continues to expand, the demand for laser pipe cutting machines is also increasing. This increase in market demand will lead to higher prices for laser pipe cutting machines.


Through the above analysis, I believe you have a basic understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of these two machines. All in all, if your pipe cutting demand is not large, and the precision of pipe cutting, processing effect requirements are not high, you can choose the tube and plate laser cutting machine.

On the contrary, if your main business in the future requires large and fast tube cutting, you should choose a professional laser tube cutting machine. A good laser pipe cutting machine can work 24 hours without interruption, and a steady stream of profit guarantees for you.

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