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Some maintenance tips for chuck of laser tube cutting machine


Any device will have corresponding wear and tear during use. To maintain the high performance of the equipment, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance and servicing. Laser tube cutting machines are no different. In addition to maintaining the machine bed, the maintenance of the chuck is also extremely important. Here are a few maintenance tips for laser tube cutting machines.

Chuck lubrication

Chuck lubrication, regularly apply lubricant to the chuck to ensure high precision during its movement. Attention needs to be paid during lubrication, as incorrect lubrication may cause the pneumatic chuck to not work normally at low air pressure, resulting in reduced clamping force, poor clamping precision, abnormal wear, or getting stuck, so the correct lubrication operation needs to be noted.

Adding grease

Use molybdenum disulfide grease, usually a black paste-like substance, inject the grease into the chuck oil port until it oozes out from the chuck jaw surface or inner hole. If the chuck operates at high speeds for a long time or uses oxygen-assisted processing for a long time, more lubrication is required, and the lubrication frequency should be adjusted based on the actual working conditions.

Chuck cleaning

After a period of processing, use a high-pressure air gun to clean the chuck itself and the slide rail of any dust and residue. It is recommended to clean the chuck jaws every 3-6 months to keep the surface clean, and then re-lubricate. Check all components for any cracks or wear, and replace them if the wear is severe. After the inspection, properly lubricate the jaws and reinstall them before use.

Standard chuck usage scenarios

Special or non-standard workpieces require the use of specific chucks for clamping and processing. Standard laser tube cutting chucks are suitable for symmetrical closed-tube shapes. If they are forcibly used to clamp irregular or strange workpieces, it can cause abnormal chuck conditions; high chuck air supply pressure can also put the chuck under high pressure, or the workpiece may still be held after the machine is turned off, which will reduce the chuck’s lifespan and lead to excessive chuck gaps.

Rust-proof treatment

Prevent the exposed metal parts of the chuck from rusting, as rust is another important point. Chuck rust will reduce the clamping force, making it impossible to clamp the workpiece tightly, which will seriously affect production precision and efficiency.

Doing a good job of chuck maintenance and care can make the chuck precision more durable, and the laser tube cutting machine’s performance will always be consistent, so as to better create wealth.

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