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Why you should choose laser cutting instead of traditional cutting?

With the rise of laser technology, Laser-Rohrschneidemaschinen are gradually phasing out saw blade pipe cutting machines, replacing saw blade pipe cutting machines with their own efficient cutting methods.

For higher processing efficiency

Nowadays, the requirements for pipe cutting in various industries are becoming more and more refined, precise and strict. The traditional pipe cutting technology has gradually been unable to meet the requirements of high efficiency, high quality and special-shaped processing required for production.Laser pipe cutting machine is a pipe processing machine with laser as a cutting tool, which can quickly and precisely process various metals and various types of pipe shapes. As an advanced processing technology, laser cutting machine has been widely used in industrial production. Because of its high brightness, high directionality, high coherence and high energy density, the use of laser beams to cut metal pipes has incomparable advantages.

For higher processing accuracy

Laser cutting technology uses a very high-precision beam for processing, which can achieve high precision requirements, and its theoretical accuracy can reach 0.05mm. This is very important for profile machining, as even small errors can cause the entire workpiece to not fit or produce properly.Moreover, traditional profile processing methods often have errors, such as through the clamping jaws or positioning of the mold, which inevitably leave inaccurate position errors.

For better processing quality

Different from the traditional method, the laser beam energy of the laser cutting machine is a non-contact way to cut the pipe. The ultra-fast laser energy irradiates the material to perform multi-graphic and multi-process cutting such as cutting, punching, and engraving. Because there is no mechanical grinding, the cutting process will not cause wear and deformation to the material.At the same time, the strength of laser cutting pipe is stronger than that of traditional cutting methods, and the flexibility of laser makes it easy to achieve high-efficiency, high-precision and high-stability cutting.

Laser cutting is more cost-effective

The laser cutting machine has powerful functions and has become an important tool in the pipe processing industry. It saves procedures, saves costs, improves energy and efficiency, and makes it easier for you to cut pipes.

High material utilization rate

When using laser cutting technology for profile processing, due to its advantages such as high precision and cutting speed, maximum utilization of materials can be achieved and waste and costs can be reduced. Compared with traditional cutting methods, laser cutting technology can better control the shape and size of the cutting contour, thereby achieving maximum utilization of materials.Moreover, laser cutting technology can arrange multiple parts on the workpiece, allowing multiple types of materials to be cut at one time, improving the utilization rate of raw materials. LONGXIN laser’s unique chuck advancement technology can even cut pipe tailings to a state of nearly “0” tailings, minimizing the waste of tailings.

Wide range of cutting applications

Laser cutting technology is suitable for cutting various ferrous metal plates or pipes, such as stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper, titanium, etc. At the same time, whether they have been specially treated or not, the thickness of these materials is not a problem.Moreover, laser cutting technology can also achieve cutting of different shapes and sizes on the same machine through the design of the mold, thus meeting the needs of different industries and fields.

High degree of automation

In the process of laser cutting and processing, the whole production device can be controlled autonomously without human intervention, and can monitor and adjust the cutting parameters, which improves the degree of automation and productivity and reduces safety hazards.When the laser pipe cutting machine completes the profile processing task, if it encounters any deformation of the cutting contour and changes in the cutting plane, it will make targeted adjustments to the precision of the machine, so as to stably maintain the processing efficiency and speed.

Energy saving

Laser cutting technology does not require the use of any chemicals, has no noise pollution and vibration pollution, and is a very environmentally friendly way of processing materials. Laser cutting technology can preheat and locally heat materials during work, and the power adjustment of the power supply can also save a lot of energy, thereby helping enterprises achieve energy conservation and emission reduction.In conclusion, profile processing using laser cutting technology offers numerous advantages. Enterprises using this advanced technology can improve productivity and manufacturing capacity, reduce waste and costs, while ensuring processing quality and product performance. Therefore, laser cutting technology will be widely used and promoted in the future of the manufacturing industry species, becoming a must in the field of high-end manufacturing.

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